Adidas perceptual mapping

Also, the pursue of Adidas to gain greater market share and penetration in the US market, Adidas had acquired Reebok International Ltd.

Adidas perceptual mapping

Example Perceptual Maps In this section of the website you will find many example perceptual maps. Many of these maps are discussed further elsewhere on this website, including the competitive sets section.

Adidas perceptual mapping

All of these perceptual maps were produced using the free software download available on this site. You can find out how to change the format and color of these perceptual maps in our map format section.

You will notice that there are three different perceptual maps presented across four different markets. This has been done deliberately to demonstrate how the positioning of firms and brands can be constructed using different product attributes on the perceptual map.

I would encourage you, where appropriate, to produce multiple perceptual maps and even present more than one in your marketing assignment. This is because multiple maps will allow you to look at the same market and competitive sets in different ways and should deliver greater insights.

Please keep in Adidas perceptual mapping that we are mapping the perceptions of consumers or a specific target marketnot the actual reality of the market. As marketers, it is necessary for us to understand how consumers differentiate between brands in their minds.

For further information on positioning and perceptual maps, you should visit the Market Segmentation Study Guide. Using Perceptual Maps to Show Different Competitive Sets One of the main benefits of a perceptual map is to demonstrate how the brand is positioned against competitors.

In the following perceptual map examples, Coca-Cola is shown in three different competitive sets. This gives a very quick overview of their direct and indirect competition.

Please note that you can further review the concept of competitive sets here. Perceptual Map of cold beverage competitors Perceptual map showing product category competitors placed in related sets Perceptual Map highlighting direct competitors Perceptual Maps for the Fast Food Market Please note that you can click on any map to enlarge it for better viewing.

In the first three perceptual maps, the major fast food chains in the USA market have been mapped.

Adidas perceptual mapping

As you can see the most of major chains are presented, across six different product attributes in the three different maps. You should note how the competitors have a different positioning as new attributes are introduced in each map A perceptual map for quick serve fast food restaurants in the USA, using choice and locations.

A perceptual map for quick serve fast food restaurants in the USA, using value and occasion. In the following maps, you can see how effectively repositioning can be visually demonstrated. For more information, please see the section on repositioning and perceptual maps. The first, and most commonly discussed, is to target a gap in the market.

In this case, the firm simply introduces a product offering that is not provided by competitors. The second approach second map below is used by larger brands looking to push a competitor out of the market space.

Example Perceptual Maps - Perceptual Maps for Marketing

Both of these approaches are discussed further in the positioning strategy section.Adidas brand extension_Abhinav Goyal_PGP 1. Adidas Brand Extension Abhinav Goyal PGP Section B 2.

INTRODUCTION • Adidas Inc. is the German manufacturer, a marketer of sport apparel and athletic shoes. • The company was named its founder, Adolf(Adi) Dassler, in 3. Brand Extension Over the Years 4. Why use perceptual mapping? There are many reasons why a firm would undertake perceptual mapping, the following table lists a number of these reasons.

Perceptual maps often simplify the consumer’s purchase decision down to two product attributes They tend to be more beneficial for low-involvement purchase decisions They are more relevant for individual brands, and less helpful for corporate brand image.

Perceptual Map Athletic Shoe Industry Amanda Hoyopatubbi MKT/ Mr. Philip Heckman March 11, This preview has intentionally blurred sections.

Sign up to view the full version%(6). Either way, the first step is to select the determinant attributes. As discussed in the what is a perceptual map topic, determinant attribute are those attributes that the consumer relies upon in their purchase decision.

In other words, determinant attributes are quite important to them and the consumer uses them to help differentiate competitive offerings. Perceptual Map of Shoes Perceptual map at above shows that the quality and the price of shoes in perceptual map.

In the map Nike shoe was the highest quality compare with other competitors, but the Adidas shoe was the expensive than Nike or other competitors.

perceptual mapping by Erica Camacho on Prezi