An analysis of the views of the society on meursault the main character in albert camuss novel the s

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Meursault remains unemotional and detached 2.


Drinks coffee and chats during the vigil 4. Relationship with Marie after the funeral 1. Swims with Marie b.

Goes out on a date and begins an affair with Marie C.

The Stranger

Friendship with Raymond and agreement to write the letter 1. Meursault never questions morality of writing such a letter 2. Murder of the Arab and reasons for pulling the trigger 1. Meursault shoots once, then fires four more times 2.

No apparent remorse for crime 1.

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Inability to ever feel regret about anything F. How society views Meursault A. Behavior at the funeral is repugnant to many B.

The novel opens with Meursault 's indifference at his mother's funeral and the consternation it provokes among the people around him. This dynamic recurs much more starkly at the trial, where the account of Meursault's "insensitivity" towards his mother 's death proves to . In displaying his indifference, Meursault implicitly challenges society’s accepted moral standards, which dictate that one should grieve over death. Because Meursault does not grieve, society sees him as an outsider, a threat, even a monster. Literary analysis: How Meursault is indifferent in The Stranger, by Albert Camus Although Meursault is the title character and narrator of Albert Camus short novel The Stranger, he is also a somewhat flat character.

Starts affair with Marie the day after the funeral 1. Meursault enjoys himself, even though his mother has just died C.

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Raymond has a bad reputation 2. Meursault must be involved with Raymond in some type of criminal activity D. Why does Meursault murder the Arab?

An analysis of the views of the society on meursault the main character in albert camuss novel the s

Must be part of suspected criminal activity 3. His crime is even worse than the parricide case 4. Therefore, Meursault is capable of anything E. The entire section is 1, words.The main character, Meursault, He does this by developing the theme of conflicts within society.

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Essay about The Sun in The Stranger by Albert Camus - From page fifty-eight to fifty-seven of Albert Camus’s The Stranger he uses the relentless Algerian sun as a motif for the awareness of reality that pursues the main character, Meursault, throughout the passage.

Perhaps one of the most valuable ways to understand Meursault is to quote what Camus has said about him: "Meursault for me," writes Camus, is "a poor and naked man, . Albert Camus’s novel “The Stranger” focuses on Meursault, a man who lives for the yearnings of the present moment and completely free of any values.

An analysis of the views of the society on meursault the main character in albert camuss novel the s

Moreover, “Meursault refuses to conform to a social code that, in his mind, demands an excess of false words” (Taylor). Character Analysis of Meursault in the novel The Outsider In the novel “The Outsider” written by Albert Camus, Meursault is a character society.

The tone used. Meursault notes that the clerk probably hit the wrong keys, but most readers feel that he probably typed in Meursault’s answer before Meursault said anything, an indication that Meursault’s actual responses (in the eyes of society) were unexpected, or unconventional.

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