An examination of the gun control act

Because most college students over the age of twenty-one the minimum age to obtain a concealed handgun license in most states live off campus, allowing concealed carry on college campuses would have very little impact on the ability of college students to possess firearms in their homes and, therefore, little to no impact on the overall number of suicides by college students.

An examination of the gun control act

Prohibited Category of People Unless mentioned otherwise, it is standard for gun laws to include a prohibited category of people. This prohibited category can include underage children, people with a criminal record and people who are deemed mentally or physically unfit to handle a firearm.

The National Firearm Trafficking Policy Agreement was made in to control the illegal trade in firearms in Australia. The National Handgun Control Agreement was implemented after the death of two students in a handgun shooting at the Monash University in Australia in October The agreement was aimed at restricting the availability and use of handguns, particularly those that are easily concealable.

This agreement was accompanied by a national handgun buyback scheme which ran from July 1st to December 31st This scheme provided compensation to owners surrendering handguns, handgun parts and accessories.

Firearms are divided into 5 licensing categories: Firearms in classes C and D are only extended in special circumstances, like for occupational purposes not for hunting. Class H licenses are only given to pistol-club members. Pistols are not allowed to be used for hunting.

To obtain a license, applicants have to demonstrate a genuine reason for owning, possessing or using a firearm, which can include recreational shooting, hunting or collecting. Personal protection is not regarded as a genuine reason.

Applicants also have to demonstrate a "genuine need" for the particular type of firearm they are requesting.

An examination of the gun control act

There are no limits on the number or size of shotguns or rifles a person may own. This category includes semi-automatic long weapons and shotguns. Permission is granted if the Austrian citizen is at least 21 and has a valid reason for possessing the firearm. Self-defense, sport shooting and hunting are considered valid reasons.

This category contains certain rifles and break action guns. Any Austrian citizen 18 and over can obtain this type of gun with a background check. They have to register it within 6 weeks after buying.

This category includes non-repeating shotguns. They also have to take extensive courses and a final exam about gun safety, gun design, gun handling and more.

Courses and licenses are expensive and therefore not easily affordable by most citizens. Law on the Control of Explosive Substances, Firearms and Ammunition 26 Law on Control of Foreign Trade Activity in Arms 25 Council Directive of 18 June 9 see European Union The Law on the Control of Explosive Substances, Firearms and Ammunition specifies that firearms can be made available to natural and legal persons and to traders for self-defense, hunting, sporting and cultural purposes movie pictures, television features, theatrical events, collections.

Types of weapons that are allowed for each purpose are: Croatia will most likely become a member of the European Union by July 1st Civilians are not allowed to possess all types of automatic arms, semiautomatic arms and repeating long-barreled firearms with a rifled barrel and magazine whose capacity is more than five rounds or with a fixed bayonet, i.

The Croatia Weapons Law allows citizens to acquire weapons if they have a justifiable reason. For each of these reasons, Croatia allows the following firearms: Weapons intended for self-defense: Firearm license applicants have to pass a medical examination, showing that they are capable of holding and carrying a weapon.

They also have to show that they are equipped with technical knowledge for the adequate use of the weapon. They are also forbidden to own or use gun powder or primers. They can only own shotguns with a limit of two rounds.

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To obtain a hunting license, the applicant has to participate in three training sessions, followed by a final exam. All shotguns are registered. Category A prohibited weapons: To obtain a weapon in category B, special authorization is required. For weapons in category C you only need to have a gun license.

To obtain a license, applicants have to pass a firearms proficiency, handling and knowledge test. They also have to pass a medical examination.

There are no limits on the number of guns that can be owned. They only allow private firearm possession for the purposes of hunting and sport shooting. Holders of hunting licenses and members of rifle clubs, with a valid weapon permit are allowed to possess certain models of shotguns and rifles.May 03,  · The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center & School: Follow Us: Massie Rd: Charlottesville, VA Main Reception Desk: .

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Nov 26,  · The gun-related murder rate is the crime rate most affected by gun control measures, and hence is the most appropriate crime rate to use in an analysis of the effectiveness of gun control .

Summary. Great Britain has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the world. The main law is from the late s, but it was amended to restrict gun ownership further in the latter part of the twentieth century in response to massacres that involved lawfully licensed weapons.

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