Apollo and dionysus essay

Free Cult Of Dionysus Essays These are sample cult of dionysus essays contributed by students around the world. He was a prince of the Scythian nomads who controlled a large area surrounding the Greek colonies on the northern Black Sea coast. But like all great Greek plays, his story is a tragedy. Scyles was fascinated by the city of Olbia and the high culture of the Greeks.

Apollo and dionysus essay

Talk given at a conference in Brussels Introduction In this talk I want to say something about creativity and why it is so important for our modern world. In particular, I am going to touch on the idea of creativity as something that bubbles up out of the matter of the cosmos and how it can be found within the very substance of our bodies.

Although my background is that of a physicist, over the last years I have been talking to artists and composers and I will be drawing upon examples of the way in which their particular creativity emerges out of the body. Another influence has been my contact with Native Americans - particularly the Blackfoot who live just east of the Rocky Mountains and the Mohawk who live south of the St Lawrence river.

Through dialogue circles they taught me a different way of seeing the world so that I have been able to look at our European or Western ways of thinking in a fresh light. I suppose that is an example of creativity! Healing In part, my talk is going to be about the importance of healing.

There is certainly a great need for healing in a world torn apart by war and conflict, violence in society, the breakdown of inner cities and the pollution of our natural environment. Healing, I believe, requires a new way of being in the world, a transformation of human consciousness and a new sense of shared meaning.

It seems to me that we are sense a lack of shared meaning in our world and grounding to the earth and human society in general. This leads people to explore alternative religions, shamanism and all manner of experiences in their agonized search for an answer, a ground to their life. Yet when people seek the transcendental out of a sense of desperation they leave themselves open to all manner of forces.

For Native Americans this phenomenon of "soul loss" can be very real. If you happen to be a Blackfoot then you are part of a profound shared meaning.

Many Natives speak of having "A Map in the Head". This is something learned in childhood as you sit around the fire at night and listen to the songs and stories of the elders, you learn it by watching the animals, by coming to know the land in which you live, by talking to rocks and trees, by participating in ceremonies and by entering into a wider reality within dreams.

This Map in the Head is a connection to the time of creation, a guide to the world of powers and energies and also a protection. But what do we, in our modern world, have to contain the powers and forces the psyche may encounter?

We are like those chemists and physicists in the first decades of this century who played around with radio-active materials without using any protection. Or like someone who wanders into a high voltage laboratory and begins to touch the apparatus. Moreover, the danger is not just to individuals but to our whole society which is in danger of losing its collective soul.

Connected to this is the danger of inflation.

Writing: An Apollonian and Dionysian Analysis of a Text

Economic inflation is bad enough but psychic is even worse! But our psychic inflation is expressed in our desire to escape from the body, from the world of matter, from human society, from nature and into the world of the spirit.

Apollo and dionysus essay

Our world also has great difficulties in dealing with what Jungians call the shadow, that dark area within ourselves which we to deny by projecting it onto others.

The events of our century has been so terrible that we cannot face what our species is capable to doing.The Apollonian and Dionysian is a philosophical and literary concept, She argues that there is a biological basis to the Apollonian/Dionysian dichotomy, writing: "The quarrel between Apollo and Dionysus is the quarrel between the higher cortex and the older limbic and reptilian brains.".

· Apollo shared Delphi with Dionysus, and the two personalities are opposites.

Apollo and Dionysus

Apollo sees everything from a rational, objective perspective, a personified left-brain thinker, who sees things in a linear way and values ashio-midori.com://ashio-midori.com  · Dionysus and Apollo as expressed through their musical instruments. Songs of mourning are not accompanied by the lyre, but rather by the aulos, an instrument represented as having foreign (Phrygian) origins, atashio-midori.com The record on Apollo and Dionysus in Magnesia on the Meander was the subject of an initial essay of mine published under the rather general title.

the system of relations between Apollo and Dionysus at Magnesia on the Meander and in a series of sites)."ashio-midori.com Dionysus, son of Zues and Semele and Apollo, son of Zues and Leto, both were born under strange conditions.

Dionysus was born from the thigh of Zues after being fully grown, and Apollo's mother, Leto, was in labor for nine days with him because Hera did not want him to be born and would not give Leto a safe place for the child to be ashio-midori.com://ashio-midori.com  · The Apollonian and Dionysian is a philosophical and literary concept, or also a dichotomy, based on Apollo and Dionysus in Greek mythology.

Some Western philosophical and literary figures have invoked this dichotomy in critical and creative works, most notably Friedrich Nietzsche and later ashio-midori.comche's version · Other viewpoints · See also · Referencesashio-midori.com

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