Design for remanufacture a literature review and future research needs

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Design for remanufacture a literature review and future research needs

RemanufacturingDesign for remanufactureSustainability oreceimpact on remanufacturing efciency. However, the overall volume of literature dedicated to DfRem isThe concept of product reuse is certainly not new, and rema-nufacturing has been an increasingly common industrial activitysince the Second World War.

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However, it was not until the lates, early s that interest in remanufacturing as an academicresearch topic began to emerge, with Robert Lunds original studiesof the remanufacturing industry Lund, This slow uptake ofcompared to newly manufactured equivalents Giuntini andGaudette, ; Heese et al.

Furthermore, extending thelifecycle of a product through remanufacturing will create addi-tional prot when that remanufactured product is subsequentlysold.

Finally and critically, environmental legislation is becomingincreasingly stringent, particularly in Europe Guide et al. Contents lists availabnelsJournal of Cleaner Production 19 eE-mail address: Remanufacturing is the process of returning a used product tolike-new condition with a warranty to match Ijomah, Theprocess includes sorting, inspection, disassembly, cleaning,reprocessing and reassembly, and parts which cannot be broughtback to original quality are replaced, meaning the nal remanu-factured product will be a combination of new and reused parts.

Detailed description of the remanufacturing process can be foundin Ijomah, ; Seitz and Wells, ; Sundin, Firstly, remanufacturing can benet the environment becauseoften less energy and materials are required when compared tonew manufacture, and used components are diverted from landll Lund, For detailed information on the environmentalbenets of remanufacturing see Amaya et al.

Simultaneouslyremanufacturing can be a protable business venture as materialand energy savings can be translated to costs savings when1.

These methods and tools vary in purpose and intended use butall largely remain within the academic realm to date. Within the literature there is widespread agree-ment that any approach to DfRem must consider both product and process, yet the design for X de-nition of the task continues to spark debate.

The key problems and issues that future DfRem researchshould address have been identied in this paper, from both within the literature and from the currentgaps in the literature.

Design for remanufacture : a literature review and future research needs

Some key recommendations for future research include the need for lifecyclethinking within design method development and the need for greater exploration into the organisa-tional factors affecting DfRem integration into the design process, from the perspectives of the OEM anddesigner.

Today, however, interest in remanufacturing is rapidlyincreasing due to a greater understanding of its benets andAvailable online 2 July the current body of literature and establish a contemporary understanding of DfRem through analysingthe trends, agreements and conicts of opinion in the eld.

Much of the DfRem literature to date is24 June Accepted 24 June low and there is still much to learn about the subject. The purpose of this literature review is to collateDesign for remanufacture: Received 22 February a b s t r a c tDesign for Remanufacturehigh levels of interest in rJournal of Cleajournal homepage: Design for Disassembly a related design activity that iscommonly considered part of design for remanufactureguidance.

End-of-life decision making in product design.

Design for remanufacture a literature review and future research needs

These related papers have informed and inuenced the makingof this literature review; however they will not be included in themain discussion, as this review is about design for remanufacturespecically. The literature review sections of many previous DfRempapers, including Bras and McIntoshs Bras and McIntosh, overview of remanufacturing research, have included discussionsaround related subjects such as end-of-life decision making anddesign for recycling.

However, it has frequently been observed thatthere is still much confusion over the denitions of remanu-facturing and other end-of-life strategies such as recondition,repair and recycling Charter and Gray, ; Ijomah et al. Discussing designfor recycling or similar in a DfRem literature reviewwill only add tothis confusion.

Remanufacturing can be a way for manycompanies to meet this legislation in a protable manner Websterand Mitra, Remanufacture can be considered superior to thesimilar end-of-life strategies repair and reconditioning because theend result will be a higher quality of product with a longer extendedlife, making it more commercially viable King et al.Parallel with the increase in environmental problems, the importance of design of environmentally friendly products has become more important together with the design for remanufacture.

This paper presents the application of quality function deployment (QFD) methodology in the design of products for remanufacture.

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Design for remanufacture: a literature review and future research needs. Research output J.

Design for remanufacture a literature review and future research needs

F. C. Windmill; Design, Manufacture And Engineering Management; Electronic And Electrical Engineering ‘Design for Remanufacture’ or DfRem, is an area of remanufacturing research that has received relatively high levels of interest in . Martin luther king jr i have a dream essay design for remanufacture a literature review and future research needs how do i cite websites in my essay What can I write about in my essay on The Tempest, besides need for power or colonialism (Prospero is SO annoying sometimes.) custom research paper writing services vancouver foire de .

The remanufacturability of product is mainly determined by product design and development strategy. But now most products are designed without considering the remanufacturing and recycling process.

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