Felted wool sweater projects

Wool is a natural fiber with some amazing properties.

Felted wool sweater projects

These no-sew felted wool Christmas trees use up even smaller sweater scraps. For cloth diapered babes, a wool diaper cover is soft and waterproof and natural. And no matter what color your wool, you can overdye it to create a custom look. Wrap your present in a comfy sweater instead of store-bought paper.

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Wearing a sweater hat is like wearing a warm sweater on your head. Wool sweater long johns are a real treat, and a HUGE money saver over store-bought wool long johns.

If you cut your mittens against the bottom hem of the sweater, you can make use of any decorative detailing of the sweater there. This felted wool monogram tutorial uses the monogram as a Christmas ornament, but it would also work well framed, or in a scrapbook, or as a refrigerator magnet, etc.

A patchwork sweater pet bed is a great place for a short-haired pet to hang out. This pot handle cover tutorial from Wise Craft is a great project for your thickest, most insulating scraps.

Wool is flame and fire-resistant, so works well when layered to make pot holders. As an extra layer over leggings, this sweater skirt is warm and comfy on a kid.

Felted wool sweater projects

Got a kid to keep warm? Sew them pants from sweater sleeves! Start making this beautiful wool sweater and wire hanger wreath.Find great deals on eBay for felted sweater projects. Shop with confidence.

Projects that use Felt from Wool Sweaters I love to make things out of felted sweaters, so I was really happy to see these projects in the latest issue of Marie Claire Idees. But I have way too many unfinished projects .

They will shrink significantly during the felting process so make sure you don't get too attached to your project idea until you figure out if you'll have enough wool. 2) In order for a sweater to felt properly, it must be % wool. Recycle Old Sweaters: Learn How to Felt Wool By transforming wool into felt, you can recycle discarded wool sweaters into an array of useful items and fun gifts.

Try it out with this easy project.

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It’s easy to relate to the felt making process because most of us witnessed the sadness of a shrunken wool sweater that accidentally found its way into the wash. Essentially, this project is controlled sweater . Felting old wool sweaters is an easy way to make room in your closet AND get really great material for all kinds of crafts!

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