How to write a formal application for leave

There may be several reasons for taking leave from your workplace and you are bound to tell and inform authority for taking leave and making this process professional like. Taking leave without writing application letter would be considered as absence from workplace and this is surely not a professional attitude. Leave application letter would also be a written proof or record of your absence if there is any issue to precede lawsuit against you.

How to write a formal application for leave

You can use commas after each line, but these days a cleaner look without commas is preferred. One-day casual leave on account of ill health [Comments: Subject should be brief, yet accurate representation of the content of the letter.

Salutation can be written in few ways. Because of my ill health, I am not in a position to attend office today and tomorrow.

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I request you to grant casual leave for the period April Most leave letters are short. Your language should be objective — and not emotional — howsoever strong your reason for proceeding on leave is.

In some cases, especially for long leave, you may need to enclose supporting documents. When writing a leave letter, you of course know the name of the recipient.

Only the main body or the content is included here. Rest of the framework will remain the same as mentioned in the above format. Click on the boxes below to reveal the leave letters: One-day sick leave Subject: One-day sick leave due to fever I have had mild fever since yesterday night and, therefore, it will be difficult for me to attend office today.

I request you to grant me leave for today, 12 April Daughter's ill health Subject: I need to take her to a doctor and, if prescribed, get further tests done.

how to write a formal application for leave

I request you to accept this application for casual leave for 24 August Struck with chicken pox Subject: Struck with chicken pox Over the weekend, I developed mild fever and red spots on my skin, a condition that was later diagnosed as chicken pox.

Since chicken pox is communicable and it takes at least a week to recover, I would request you to grant me leave from 20 to 28 March I would update you of my recovery in the coming days. I am enclosing medical records in this regard.

Met with an accident Subject: Met with an accident. Need two-week leave to recover Yesterday, I met with a freak accident while returning from the office. A two-wheeler appeared from nowhere and rammed into my left leg while I was crossing road.

how to write a formal application for leave

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Writing a Vacation Request Letter Request for one week vacation leave Dear Sir/Madam, This letter is a formal request for one week’s vacation leave from DATE to DATE. Please guide me how to write an good vacation leave application to i want to tell you that i am going on vacation on March 10,Please send me your feedback.

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How to Write a Formal Letter. Formal letters--They can shape others' perceptions of you, inform the reader of a serious issue, or get you a job.

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How To Write A Leave Application Letter?