How to write a good business memo

From marketing to sales to QA to engineering, everyone has a document off which they can work and consult. The upshot is that the manager also takes public responsibility for what happens when the rest of the team executes on the point of view taken by the documents. That ratchets up accountability through the organization. It was easy to jump from one bullet point to the next without having expressed a complete thought.

How to write a good business memo

Memo Body The body of a business memo as Dixie has already said is very similar to the body of a letter, most of the principles of letter writing can be applied in writing this part of the memo, and Dixie suggests you visit her Business Writing Page to find some tips for writing business correspondence, memos included.

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In most cases the first paragraph in a memo is a purpose or a topic statement, in other words Dixie recommends you to get to the point without too much of an introduction.

Further in your memo provide the reader with any necessary background information including dates, briefly describe the current situation and the related problems - this is sometimes called the discussion segment of a business memo.

how to write a good business memo

Close your memo with a courteous ending that states your request or the action you want your reader to take. The tone you use in the body of the memo depends on who the memo is addressed to.

Dixie warns you that the memos should not be too informal as they are usually considered to be internal documents as well as pieces of business correspondence.

In her expert opinion, it demonstrates quite nicely what a memo is and how to compose one. Dixie's Attitude to Memo Writing Dixie is sure you must have noticed in the everyday life how difficult it is to establish general rules. Besides, as you know Dixie thinks rules are made to be broken.

This applies to memo writing as much as to anything else. There's such a multitude of business memos even within one company, and they are all so different! Some companies may have very strict format for business memos that each employee is supposed to follow, they even have it stated in their internal manuals.

Others pay less attention to the format as long as the memo resembles a memo. Dixie had an opportunity to observe very different memos sent within one company for about 10 years, and it looked like almost every employee used his or her own format. Some of those memos could have just one sentence in the body, the others were about 3 pages.

By the way, Dixie recommends to try and limit yourself to 2 pages at the utmost. Some business memos were initialed by the author near his or her name in the header, others were signed as regular letters would be.

In most cases but not always a line was drawn under the memo header.

Understand the functions that nouns provide in sentences.

Letterheads are used practically always though Well, you get the idea Dixie doesn't think she needs to go into too much detail. Dixie's advice is, follow your own judgement! You would say, 'What else is new' and would be perfectly right but Dixie knows it's the best advice she can give you in such situation.

She totally trusts you in making the right choice. Dixie understands that you're puzzled, but there really is such a thing.

how to write a good business memo

Read instructions on how to write an external memo. A Couple of Memo Samples.The Good Memo Checklist: A quick checklist to run through before sending a memo.

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Want to show your team a great video about how to write a memo? Show them this How to Write A Great Memo video! Download this Memo Guide as a PDF for sharing: Get this article as a PDF, Word, and Google Doc file-.

Business memos are a piece of interoffice correspondence sent between employees in a company or between company subsidiaries to transmit ideas, decisions, requests or announcements.

How to Write a Business Memo.

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In this Article: Article Summary Sample Memos Making Language and Formatting Choices Preparing to Write Your Business Memo Composing Your Business Memo Community Q&A A memorandum is a type of document used for internal communication between company employees. Memos are a time-tested aspect of the business world and, when written .

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