Intramuros a must see

Email Other Apps Welcome Google visitors! Somebody just sent them to me and I felt that it was important that I share it in the hopes that other people will see how beautiful Manila was and hopefully help bring it back to its former glory. Can you recognize the cars? Take note, naka sapatos ang mga tao, walang naka tsinelas kahit sa Avenida.

Intramuros a must see

Casa Manila Casa Manila's main attraction is a fully-furnished home-turned-museum that shows how Filipinos lived during the colonial era. Visitors are not allowed to take photos, although the rooms are definitely IG-worthy.

You should also remember to walk only on the carpeted areas so that you do not damage the wooden floors. Of all the luxurious furniture in Casa Manila, the most memorable are the toilets. Apparently, in the olden days, toilets were built in twos or more.

This allowed people to sit beside each other and chat while they did their business.

Intramuros a must see

Apart from the museum, there is a souvenir shop and the Bambike Ecotours office if you want to bamboo bikes at the ground floor. There is also a stunning fountain where you can have a blast taking photos without being told off.

Entrance fee is P The museum has two floors, several galleries, and even the hallways are teeming with religious art.

The pieces range from paintings, sculpture, and furniture.

Intramuros a must see

There's also a gallery filled with the recreated pharmacy pots of a 16th Century drug store that provided medicines for the friars. In this same gallery are lithograph prints of Philippine flowers.

If you're a bookworm, you will marvel at the Library of San Agustin Convent, which has thousands of books from onwards. However, the whole library is closed off with glass, but you are free to stare at this stunning library.

You can climb its staircase and see the circular structure of the fort. Through their efforts, it was refurbished in Surrounding it is a fountain, pavilions, and a garden with several bonsai plants.

Intramuros - Things to do in Intramuros Manila

We can imagine just chilling right here with a book, just because. Baluarte de San Diego is at Sta. The show narrates the story of Jose Rizal from his life to his execution. Bagumbayan Light and Sound Museum is at Sta.The main artery in Paris is the city “intra muros” as the French say (within the walls) is in the shape of a rough oval with the Louvre more or less in the centre.


Dec 02,  · If visiting Manila you must visit Intramuros and the fort. It is still under some restoration having been destroyed in WW2.

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The insight into Spanish rule and then US rule is important to understand what the country is aboutK TripAdvisor reviews. Intramuros, or the ‘Walled City’, was built by the Spaniards, more specifically by Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, in , is situated on the southern bank of river Pasig, and is one of Manila’s oldest districts.

Intramuros Words | 8 Pages. A SHORT HISTORY AND GUIDE TO INTRAMUROS Written and compiled by Esperanza Bunag Gatbonton The Cuidad Morada or Intramuros of Manila is located at the mouth of the Pasig River. Not only the proud birthplace of the Philippine National Hero, Laguna plays host to a wealth of natural wonders and cultural treasures from its hot springs, scenic jungle-clad canyons, picturesque waterfalls to its wonderful and sought-after craftsmanship of the finest embroidery, wood-carvings,and footwear in the country.

The oldest part of the city is all there was of Manila before the 20th century. it’s a tight grid system contained by sturdy 16th and 17th century walls, and is a big contrast to the high-rise cityscape around it.

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