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Master thesis architektur pdf merge

Curran, December Research Collection Abstract Humans have historically low engagement with the natural world. Global urbanization has led people to abandon wildlife-rich landscapes. The current lack of connectedness to nature is known as nature-deficit disorder. However, to encourage sustainable relationships between humans and other animals, technology to reconnect is urgently needed.

The natural world is in a dire state; we are in the midst of a Sixth Mass Extinction. Here we propose that a novel information system, including a mobile app and privacy tools, could enable reconnection with the natural world.

We propose the combination of real-time tracking data from wild animals and humans. Further benefits are identified in education, philanthropy, health, and entertainment.

About the Author:

Finally, we utilize an innovative privacy-preserving architecture to shield wildlife data from criminal intent. Research Collection Abstract Health literacy is a crucial ingredient of successful asthma self-management. Studies have shown that a paucity of asthma health literacy leads to lower levels of asthma control and thus more severe asthma symptoms, which, in turn, results in a suboptimal course of disease.

In this research focus on two research questions: We therefore developed Ally, a smartphone-based 6-week PA intervention. Ally seeks to exploit the ubiquity and sensing capabilities of mobile phones to adapt the provision of PA interventions to the context of the user.

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In this research we investigate the following research questions: The poster gives an overview of health literacy video clips for children with Asthma which have been produced in German version only, French and Italian versions will follow in The video clips are available here: AIS Electronic Library, Mobile recommendations based on interest prediction from consumer's installed apps — Insights from a large-scale field study Remo M.

Towards Interoperability in Mobile Coupons: IEEE, October Efficacy of mobile context-aware notification management systems: Mobile app adoption in different life stages: An empirical analysis Remo M.

ACM, September However, prior reviews in this field have found that mHealth apps for asthma lack clinical evaluation and are often not based on medical guidelines. Yet, beyond the missing evidence for clinical efficacy, little is known about the potential apps might have for improving asthma self-management.

The aim of this study was to assess the potential of publicly available and well-adopted mHealth apps for improving asthma self-management. The Apple App store and Google Play store were systematically searched for asthma apps. In total, apps were identified, of which 38 apps matched the selection criteria to be included in the review.

Four requirements of app potential were investigated: On average, the reviewed apps applied 7. Additionally, the sum scores of all review frameworks were significantly correlated lowest correlation: Several apps were identified that performed consistently well across all applied review frameworks, thus indicating the potential mHealth apps offer for improving asthma self-management.

However, many apps suffer from low quality. Furthermore, several research-practice gaps were identified that app developers should consider addressing in future asthma apps. Internet of things business model innovation and the stage-gate process: An exploratory analysis Jan F.

World Scientific, December Existing research postulates a variety of components that show an impact on utilization of technology-mediated mental health information systems MHIS and treatment outcome.

master thesis architektur pdf merge

Although researchers assessed the effect of isolated design elements on the results of Web-based interventions and the associations between symptom reduction and use of components across computer and mobile phone platforms, there remains uncertainty with regard to which components of technology-mediated interventions for mental health exert the greatest therapeutic gain.

Until now, no studies have presented results on the therapeutic benefit associated with specific service components of technology-mediated MHIS for depression. This systematic review aims at identifying components of technology-mediated MHIS for patients with depression.

Consequently, all randomized controlled trials comparing technology-mediated treatments for depression to either waiting-list control, treatment as usual, or any other form of treatment for depression were reviewed.Architectural design concept ideas pdf concepts examples how to develop in architecture conceptppt p plan list of for.

Architecture concepts of in ideas types architectural design concept sheet examples presentation techniques list for on water landscape. Hauder, M.: Empowering End-Users to Collaboratively Structure Knowledge-Intensive Processes, PhD thesis, Technische Universität München, [ Re16f ] Reschenhofer, T.; Matthes, F.: Supporting End-Users in Defining Complex Queries on Evolving and Domain-Specific Data Models.

PhD students There is a number of PhD-students having their offices directly at the SAP HANA Database Campus in Walldorf. They are doing research in the field of database technologies for at least 3 years.

Accomplishing goals essay conclusion research paper on database indexing pdf essays on abortion and catholicism and christianity essay o neil research paper thesis . There is a growing interest in evidence-based design in landscape architecture. This is an exploratory study of the choice experiment method: an economic approach used by many other disciplines but not yet landscape architecture, to collect empirical evidence on the public's preferences for different landscape design characteristics.

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