Masters in marketing communication

One of the most basic elements of Christianity is evangelism and a degree in Communications prepares students with some of the best skills to reach the largest number of people — whether supporting Christian organizations or working in a secular work environment. In a classroom taught by working professionals, students are equipped with hands-on experience as well as working as a part of a team. There is synergy between all emphases, as required in the professional world. Each year they work together to create projects like short films and graphic novels, which can later be used in their professional portfolios.

Masters in marketing communication

Step 4 Use Marketing Communication Tools In our hyper-technological world, communication methods change at an incredibly rapid pace.

First there was email, then message boards, then instant messaging, then MySpace and Friendster, and now Facebook, Instagram, chatbots, Netflix, and dozens of other communication methods.

There are always new technologies, and new ways for people to interact with others. This is also true when it comes to marketing methods and the tools that are available for marketing. With so many options and so much information out there, how can you know what is working for your business, and what isn't?

How can you create a marketing strategy that will work today, in ? Below are four steps that you can take to take your business to the next level of Masters in marketing communication communication: Define Your Audience When it comes to marketing, it's critical to first figure out who your audience is.

You don't want to create such a broad marketing campaign that your business fails to connect with any specific groups, and you don't want to make your focus so narrow that you miss out on potential sales.

Instead, identify who you want to market your product or services to, and figure out what works for them. What do you need to know about your audience?

Pain Points To identify your ideal demographics, determine what your business is really offering. Most businesses offer solutions that are very specific to pain points their customers feel. For example, if you own a lawn care business, your target audience might be people who are too busy to maintain their yard.

Your marketing message should communicate that your services will free up their time so that they can do the things that they need and want to do. While analyzing the pain points that your business alleviates, imagine which demographic groups will have the greatest need. Also, consider which portion of that demographic will have a higher spending threshold.

Both of these considerations will equate to quicker sales with less upfront work on your part. Who Is Already Buying? Another way to identify your audience is by analyzing who is already using your products or services.

What types of things do they have in common? What age group, gender, location, etc. What interests do they share? Analyzing these questions will give you a good idea of your target market, as well as how you might expand to reach other similar groups.

Who is Your Competition Targeting?

Masters in marketing communication

A good way to understand who your demographic is by seeing who your competition is targeting. You can choose to seek after the same demographic as they are likely already interested in the same type of products or services, or you can seek out new or niche audiences and fill a gap.

For example, Rolex's target market is wealthy people who want to purchase a luxury watch. Knowing that, Timex has gone after a completely different market inexpensive watch buyers.

Explore our graduate programs, the MA in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics (Online) and and the MA in Strategic Communication for Marketing. Students in our Marketing Communication programs gain skills that will help them advance their marketing . The Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications Degree aims to teach students how to engage consumers and deliver consistent and compelling brand messaging. The Master in Marketing, Communication and New Media is a full-time program taught entirely in English, which aim to prepare graduates from any discipline to manage the methods and techniques of both traditional and digital media in an industry currently undergoing a continuous revolution.

McDonald's and Burger King, on the other hand, are competing for very similar markets. Where do they spend most of their time?

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Wherever your audience spends their time most is where you also need to be. Here are some specifics to consider when trying to determine where your audience spends their time: Generational Advertising Generational advertising is an important consideration when developing a marketing plan because different generations tend to spend their time differently.

While one group is more inclined to respond well to TV ads, another would more likely make a purchase after an ad on social media. How does each generation respond? Generation Z Not surprisingly, Generation Z generally those born between respond very well to social media ads.


Since they have not known a time without digital media, Generation Z has developed a very short attention span. This makes them especially attracted to short videos and apps like Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram. Millennials Generation Y Millennials like Gen Z, are very apt to use social media and to respond to ads on these platforms.

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They enjoy Spanchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Millennials are very attached to their smartphones and are a good target for SMS marketing.Master's in Integrated Marketing Communications Georgetown’s Master of Professional Studies in Integrated Marketing Communications immerses you at the intersection of strategy and creativity.

In this article, we list the top ranked and most affordable online master’s in marketing, or online MBA in marketing, degree programs. Students interested in business, management, and marketing have flexible learning options from some of the nation’s top ranked institutions. The master's in marketing online coursework focuses on brand building, marketing campaign planning and analysis, and engaging target audiences through every modern media channel available.

You'll acquire essential analytical, critical-thinking, communication and decision-making skills. Masters Degree Programs in Marketing Communications. A master's degree program in marketing communications teaches students to use advanced methods .

Master's Degree in Communication A master's degree program in communication can strengthen your writing, research, analytical and leadership skills through advanced studies. Admissions requirements include a bachelor's degree, preferably in communication or a related field.

Explore our graduate programs, the MA in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics (Online) and and the MA in Strategic Communication for Marketing.

Students in our Marketing Communication programs gain skills that will help them advance their marketing .

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