Psychosynthesis learning

Psychosynthesis Star Diagram formulated by Roberto Assagioli "I" is the direct "reflection" or "projection" of Self Assagioli and the essential being of the person, distinct but not separate from all contents of experience. Psychosynthesis suggests that "we can experience the will as having four stages. The first stage could be described as 'having no will'", [29] and might perhaps be linked with the hegemony of the lower unconscious.

Psychosynthesis learning

First, the AAP aims to support Psychosynthesis training organizations to increase their visibility and facilitate comparison across programs. Information on Psychosynthesis training programs is found on the Psychosynthesis Centers page.

AAP also offers Webinars designed to help you learn specific skills or grow in awareness of applied Psychosynthesis.

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Manchester - Lawrence Yuspupoff

For example, what does Psychosynthesis look like when applied to individual growth and development, or to leadership, coaching, managing anxiety, creating consciousness, protecting our environment, or managing health?

In addition, topics associated with practice growth may be offered, including marketing and niche development. Webinars are presented by people doing Psychosynthesis work in their respective fields.

By sharing knowledge of applied Psychosynthesis in our lives and in our work, the AAP promotes the value of Psychosynthesis in ever expanding circles and demonstrates the true power and relevance of Psychosynthesis for us all.

More information on conferences can be found on the Conferences page. If you are interested in presenting at a Webinar, or otherwise supporting the AAP Education Committee, please contact us. We welcome your ideas and suggestions.The Synthesis Center, currently functions to offer best fit referrals to training Centers, as well as a referral source for trained Psychosynthesis Coaches.

Independent Studies, for specialized orientation, or when other options are not available, can be offered by the Center and its director, Dorothy Firman.

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Governors and Membership. Lorensbergs was founded in with a passion to combine outstanding learning design with a psychological depth and scientific tools and methods. Programs begin in October in San Francisco – with Hybrid and Distance Learning Options available.

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The Synthesis Center is a (c)(3) non-profit corporation and donations are deductible for U.S. Income Tax purposes. Your donations go towards scholarships for our programs & general operating expenses.

Psychosynthesis learning
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