Rabbit farming business plan in tamilnadu

For the Business, it is always a good thing to raise a highly productive, more fertile and fast-growing breed of rabbits to obtain more profit from this business. But, select a specific depending on your climate condition also the availability of source. Both of them, require a good shelter to protect them from the predators.

Rabbit farming business plan in tamilnadu

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Rabbits can be raised in both deep litter system and cage system. You can easily make a small shed at the backyard with a very small investment.

Good housing or shed is necessary for keeping the rabbits free from weather conditions, rain, sun and various types of predators like dogs or cats etc. Good feed always ensure good health and proper growth. So, always try to feed your Rabbits with high quality and nutritious food.

Rabbits can eat and consume all types of grains, legumes and green fodders like lucerne, agathi, desmanthus and various types of kitchen wastes including carrots, cabbage leaves and other vegetable wastes.

In case of raising rabbits by feeding concentrate food, try to provide them some green food. For 1 kg body weight of rabbit, you can feed them about 40 grams of concentrate food and 40 grams of green food. Along with good and nutritious food try to provide them sufficient amount of fresh and clean water according to their demand.

See full rabbit feeding management d Breeding in Rabbit Farming: Rabbits become suitable for breeding within their 5 to 6 months of age. You should use male rabbits for breeding purpose at their 1 year of age to get quality young rabbits.

Always use healthy rabbits for breeding with proper age and body weight. Take extra care of the male rabbit used for breeding purpose and take good care of pregnant rabbits.

For better production, you must have to take good care of your animals. Generally, diseases are less in rabbits. Healthy rabbits become very active with a shiny hair coat.

But if anyhow something goes wrong, then you have to take necessary steps immediately. Marketing is still a big problem for commercial rabbit farming in India. But the marketing problem is not still solved.

Rabbit meat has good demand in some areas. You can try your local market and think about exporting in foreign countries. Why Angora Rabbits are best for Farming?

Select Breeds Rabbit Farming Advantages of Rabbit!!! For Profitable Broiler Farming, reproduction plays a vital role.
Tamilnadu Various Farming Informations Rabbit Farming business requires less space and it can be done anywhere at farm, backyard, on terrace or even at home. The capital investment for this is very less.
Profits in Raising Rabbits | Cross Roads Rabbitry Rabbit farming is very profitable and enjoyable.

Angora rabbits are mainly raised for their wool, which is known for its quality. Angora rabbits have their origin from Angora Province of Turkey from where they were taken to different parts of world and various types of angora rabbits were evolved. The differences between these types of angora are mainly in the amount of wool produced and the percentage of guard hair in the wool.

Rabbit Farming Business Plan In Tamilnadu

Among the various types, German Angora is the best and annually yields to gm of wool under ideal management practices.

Angora rabbits require temperate climate and can be adopted to any set of circumstances right from a kitchen garden to a large intensive commercial enterprise. The wool produced by rabbits is the finest, lightest and warmest among all animal fibres and is preferred for manufacturing of high value woollens which have got very good export potential.

Rabbit wool also have medicinal properties and its garments are recommended in arthritis due to its electrostatic properties. After ensuring technical feasibility and economic viability, the scheme is sanctioned by the bank. The loan is disbursed in stages against creation of specific assets such as construction of sheds, purchase of equipments and animals.A Sample Rabbit Farming Business Plan Template Are you about starting a rabbit farming business?

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If YES, here is a complete sample rabbit farming business plan template & feasibility report you can use for FREE. » Rabbit farming is low cost business any one can start the business in small area.» Rabbit feed with rabbit manure is best for the vermicompost which is good for .

Profits in Raising Rabbits. A profitable meat rabbit business can be started with just 3 to 4 does and 1 buck, some basic equipment, and a buyer.

This is why rabbit farming is called “the eighteen month business”, as most growers exit the business before the second year. Profitable rabbit farming business plan and information on how to start rabbit farm.

Rabbit Farming Business Plan In Tamilnadu

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rabbit farming business plan in tamilnadu

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