Socio psychological study of personality essay

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Socio psychological study of personality essay

Rochester Institute of Technology Bowlby's, Ainsworth's, and Shaver's research created the understanding that infant styles create a disposition for later behavioral traits.

More current research has questioned the significance of how the disruption of the attachment structure such as in divorce can affect children's behaviors throughout life. The research on this topic is contradictory and somewhat inconclusive, with research asserting that either attachment style or external environment has been the main contributor to the behaviors seen in members of divorced families, while many sources stated that it is likely to be a combination of both influences.

With either explanation, research concludes that children of divorced families have a disposition to these behaviors, but the end development of behavior and personality is in the hands of the individual and the external factors that are present.

This paper discusses the attachment theory that was developed by Harlow, Bowlby and Ainsworth, which states that attachment is a key aspect to determining personality and behavior throughout an individual's lifetime. Attachment can be defined as the strong bond that develops first between parent and child, and later in peer and romantic relationships Bowlby, Research on divorce and separation of attachment figures has yielded conflicting results.

It is often reported that children of divorce have trouble adapting to different stages of their lives because of their experience with broken or detached attachment bonds.

These children are said to have no accurate template for successful relationships to replicate in their lives. Taking this into account, these researchers looked to peer relations, socioeconomic status, general distress, or poor parenting skills to explain the appearance of troublesome behavior or poor grades.

The study of all aspects of divorce and attachment is important to how parents, psychologists and teachers approach and understand children of divorced families in order to help them reach their full potential as adults. Overview of Attachment Theory The attachment theory has a basis in three theoretical approaches and was first related to primate and infant-mother studies.

The three approaches include a psychoanalytic approach, the social learning approach and the ethological theory of attachment Ainsworth, Childhood attachment styles, which will be discussed later, are clearly based on the emotional bond between the parent and child, opposed to a biological push to become attached.

Harlow found that infant monkeys became attached to surrogate mothers when away from their real mothers. The young monkeys preferred heated, cloth covered mothers to wire mothers at any stage of their development.

Social Causes of Depression

These infant monkeys fared better in many aspects of their lives compared to others, who were provided with only a wire mother. Young primates were more likely to be better adjusted physically, psychologically and socially compared to the monkeys raised by the wire mother. Harlow concluded from his research that the primates are better off in their lives when given more creature comforts, attention and grooming when compared to those who were deprived of these elements Harlow, Harlow also states that the infant monkeys form a close bond, or attachment to their surrogate cloth mothers.

These surrogate mothers are often used as a secure base when opportunities to venture and explore were presented. This was done in order to see how the infants adapted to the surroundings. These infants used their emotional bond to ensure that they would not be harmed when encountering new objects.

Also, when a threatening stimulus was presented in this lab experiment, the monkeys retreated to the cloth mothers for safety.The development of language comes naturally for most people; as they grow from an infant to a child.

Noam Chomsky believes that languages are genetically pre-programmed by a language acquisition device in the brain. Behavior genetics is a field of study in psychology that covers topics involving twin, adoption, and family studies.

Personality Theories

In each of these three realms, the theory of nonshared environment impacting individuals has always reigned supreme. This free Psychology essay on Essay: Personality Theory and Assessment is perfect for Psychology students to use as an example.

Psych: Psychology and Socio Cultural Approach Essay; Psych: Psychology and Socio Cultural Approach Essay. Submitted By ananodekanoidze.

Words: Pages: 2. Open Document. He was born in and he died in and he is seen as a pioneer in the area of personality psychology.

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Some see him as creating this area of study. [tags: Papers Psychological Personality Essays] Term Papers words | ( pages) | Preview. - On this essay I want to look at our study on the Charity Campaigns project. The main goal for us is to know more about the audience attitudes towards those campaigns.

By considering this point, it is possible to have a specific look at the. Social psychology of clergy Discuss the socio-psychological principles used by clergy to influence their congregations.

Socio psychological study of personality essay

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