Summary of will your marriage last

None of us like to think about sitting down and making a will, but unfortunately, none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. By avoiding the issue, you may be leaving numerous legal problems and disputes for your survivors after your death. What is a Will?

Summary of will your marriage last

Summary Analysis The narrator says that since last Monday, Kamara has started standing in front of mirrors and imagining Tracy touching her.

When Kamara comes out of the bathroom, Tracy's seven-year-old son, Josh, is there. Kamara tells Josh to watch a movie while she warms chicken strips and rice for his dinner. The bland food that Kamara makes here shows that none of these people are connected to Nigeria through their food choices.

This suggests that Kamara is adrift and generally disconnected from her culture. Active Themes Kamara thinks that in Nigeria, Josh would be called "half-caste" and it would mean something positive.

She remembers when Neil hired her and she learned that in America, "half-caste" is a bad word. Neil had been surprised at Kamara's fluent English and Master's degree. Neil explained that he worries that Josh is the only biracial kid in his neighborhood.

When Kamara confirmed that biracial was the same as "half-caste," Neil asked her to not use that term. Neil and Kamara's exchange over her use of "half-caste" magnifies the sense of cultural disconnect.

Kamara wondered where Josh's mother was and wondered if Neil had killed her. Neil said that he never smacks Josh, and Kamara agreed to not smack him, which was what her husband, Tobechi, told her to say.

She wanted to say that smacking was different from abuse; she'd watched enough American news to learn about abuse.

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Kamara asks about Josh's mother, and Neil explains that she's an artist, works in the basement, and isn't to be bothered.

Kamara was offended by Neil's tone and thought she didn't want the job, but she took it anyway. Though Neil certainly has a singular view of what Nigeria is like, Kamara also demonstrates that she's developed a very narrow view of what American parents do to their children. Notice too that, like Nkem in "Imitation," Kamara has a husband who tells her how to act.

This suggests that Kamara might also be lost and subsuming her own needs and desires into those of her husband.

Summary of will your marriage last

Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations Now, three months later, Kamara has developed a sense of affection for Neil and stopped wondering about Tracy. On Monday of last week, Kamara was looking at Josh's homework when Tracy appeared in the kitchen.

When their eyes met, Kamara suddenly felt like she wanted to wear makeup and lose weight. Now she hopes only that Tracy will come upstairs again. Kamara's instant attraction to Tracy confirms that all isn't well with Kamara's marriage it seems as though her husband doesn't inspire these lofty aspirations in her.

Because the narration keeps Tracy very mysterious, it creates a sense of tension as to what is so appealing about this woman.

As Kamara cooks Josh's dinner, she stubs her toe. Josh kisses it and Neil calls to check on Josh.


He invites Kamara to come to the competition, but she declines. Neil obviously cares very deeply for his son. He spends much of his time worrying about Josh's wellbeing and happiness. Kamara now seems to be integrated into the family. Active Themes Kamara has been realizing that parenting in America means juggling anxieties.

She thinks that when food isn't an issue, parents have time to wonder if their children are ill, or try to protect them from disappointment. This used to amuse her, but it annoys her now that her period is regular. The comment about Kamara's period implies that Kamara herself is attempting unsuccessfully to conceive.

Mentioning the consequences of the absence of food scarcity here casts Nkem's earlier hopes that her children will have plenty into a somewhat sinister light.

The sticker on the phone was what she told Tobechi about after her first day, but Tobechi only cared about the house. He said they'd live in a house like Neil's, but Kamara didn't care. Kamara is fascinated by the little things, while Tobechi is caught up in pursuing the American dream.

To him, this means having the outward markers of success, like a nice house. Kamara's apathy shows that she's already disillusioned by the American dream, however. Active Themes Kamara and Tobechi met in school at Nsukka.Which is why it's time for a check-up: How solid is your marriage?

And will it stand the test of time? We looked at the latest research to . 17 Signs Your Relationship Will Last a Lifetime See how many apply to your relationship -- especially if you haven't tied the knot yet.

By Jeff Haden Contributing editor, Inc. @ jeff_haden. Strengthen your marriage. Start.

Summary of will your marriage last

Save a Marriage Today. Donate. Marriage. Communication; Romance and Sex; Infidelity; Forgiveness; All Marriage; Parenting. What do you think your last words would be if you knew they would be your last?

How would they be a summary of your life? Partners who reported patterns of destructive behavior when dealing with conflict in the first year of marriage, for example, were more likely to divorce years later (Journal of Marriage and Family, ).

Summary on Will Your Marriage Last Essay Sample. The passage “Will your Marriage Last,” is about a study designed and conducted by Ted Huston on the “ability to forecast whether a husband and wife, two years after taking their vows, will stay together and whether they will be happy.”.

A last will and testament is crucial to make sure that the final wishes of the deceased are respected. The only way to ensure that the proper heirs inherit the right property from your estate in the probate process is to make a will.

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