Survival skill for teachers in their

Search A 'Survival Kit' for New Teachers Looking for a "welcome -- we're here to help you" gift for your school's new teachers? Check out Survival Kit for New Teachers, a resource bulging with practical ideas for classroom use. Ideas for building "teamwork" skills, motivating students, and creating reading response journals. No college program can prepare new teachers for the enormity of the task ahead.

Survival skill for teachers in their

But, if you do something dumb, or forgot or lost some important gear, or are just dang unlucky that day, you may find yourself in some serious trouble. Your kids can much more easily find themselves in these same situations.

This is especially true for us country folks. There are 5 basic survival skills that everyone should know… They are: If you are caught in a situation where you actually need your survival skills, the most important of all will be your attitude. By attitude I mean you have to feel like you will survive and keep your wits about you.

Even more so for a child. Survival situations will call on your primal instincts, those instincts are mostly driven by fear, love, and anger.

Water Remember that whole three thing? Three days without water is a maximum for most because they are already dehydrated. Find it, purify it, drink it, and store it for later. The first thing to know is that water naturally will run downhill, so that is where you will find it.

You may also find that following a water source will eventually lead to some form of civilization. This is a blanket statement and not always true, but generally it can help if you have absolutely no idea where else to go.

Also you need to be aware of animal tracks. You can often follow tracks right to a water source. Animals need water just as much as you do to survive, and they will know of any available water sources.

Shelter If you believe that you will have to overnight before being rescued the next order of business is to get a shelter built. Now, it can be a toss up between whether fire or shelter is more important.

Survival skill for teachers in their

At least a bed of leaves or broken tree boughs on the ground will let you keep your body heat. You should build your shelter with just enough room to lie down. Conserve valuable energy by making your shelter as simple as possible.

Fire Fire is an important skill because losing body heat can kill you just as quickly as lack of water. Building a fire will also help signal your location and may be needed to purify water and cook once you find a food source.

The most important part of building a fire is the location. The fire needs to be located in a place where the wind will not blow directly on it; typically a large boulder works well in this situation. You will need tinder, kindling, and logs. The tinder is tiny and fluffy, and will spark the fire into life.

Kindling are pencil sized pieces of wood that will build some real flames. Start with the smallest pieces and work your way up to finger sized pieces. Logs about the size of your lower arm are your main source of fuel for your fire.

They should be dead and dry, but not rotten. Everyone always greatly underestimates how much wood they need for a night.

Food Keeping your energy up is important, you will be burning a lot more calories than you are used to burning. All this survival stuff is hard work. Contrary to popular belief, plants are not your best avenue in a survival situation.

If you do not know exactly what you are doing you can actually end up poisoning yourself for a measly 10 calories. Any mammal that has fur is edible and will provide good nutrients, but catching them is another story.

All insects, the six-legged variety, are edible as well, but not appealing at all. Parents, Be A Sneaky Teacher Make an effort to turn every camping trip and day hike into a learning experience. First, ban all electronics. Make sure the phones are cut off.There are a few basic skills and games that you can play to help make learning survival skills easy and fun for your kids.

Situational Awareness. Being aware of your surroundings can quite literally save your life and today’s kids are more interested in the handheld video game or cell phone that never leaves their person.

Survival skill for teachers in their

6 Mors Kochanski Mors Kochanski is a Canadian bushcraft and wilderness survival instructor, naturalist and author. He has acquired an international following and has instructed for both military and civilians in Canada, the US, the UK and Sweden. Mors really has a better viewpoint on what "survival" really is.

This summer, Teaching Channel will be helping beginning teachers countdown to their first year of teaching. We'll walk you through the steps you'll need to take before the first day of school.

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Before getting a classroom of my own, I spent two years student teaching in the classrooms of veteran. A 'Survival Kit' for New Teachers. Looking for a "welcome -- we're here to help you" gift for your school's new teachers?

Check out Survival Kit for New Teachers, a resource bulging with practical ideas for classroom use. Included: Ideas for building "teamwork" skills, motivating students, and creating reading response journals.

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