The youth sports myth fact or

Don Kirkendall Think nutrition is an easy topic? Many parents and players have misconceptions about nutrition. Here are seven different nutritional myths that—finally—have been exposed.

The youth sports myth fact or

Underworld The world of the dead or the netherworld was commonly viewed, by the ancient religions, to be a subterranean realm, ruled by a god or goddess, or both. Almost all mortals would reside in the netherworld, after their death. Few gained godhood and fewer still gained places in the Olympus, the home of the Olympian gods and goddesses.

For people who read about the afterlife in Greek mythology, you must ignore the Christian and Islamic concepts of heaven and hell scenarios that are so common in medieval and modern religions.

The youth sports myth fact or

For the Greeks and Romans, death was inevitable and all men were allotted to their fates, and all were given places in the Netherworld. In classical mythology, the world of the dead or the netherworld has many different names.

Though, the ruler of the Underworld was named Hades, the netherworld itself was popularly called Hades. Hades is a popular name and it is often used interchangeably with the Underworld, for the entire subterranean realm.

Hades was known in the Roman myths, as Pluto. His wife and consort was Persephone or Prosperina Prosperine according to the Roman myths. After the war between the Titans and Olympians, Hades and his two brothers decided to divide the universe between them.

Zeus receive the sky or Olympus, Poseidon became lord of the sea, while Hades ruled the Underworld. The Earth was shared by all, but Zeus became the supreme ruler of the universe.

See Hades under Deities of the Netherworld section, for more detail about the god of the dead. As I have said, the Underworld was subterranean domain of Hades, where the sunlight never shined, and the climate was either cold or chilling.

The entire domain was divided into several regions, and having several different types of landmarks. His palace seemed to be separate from other parts of his realm.

There were five subterranean rivers flowing through the Underworld. The shades must cross all five rivers before they can be judged and sent to their final resting place. The river Styx was named after the river-goddess Styxthe eldest daughter of Oceanus and Tethys.

Charon ferried the shades across the river Acheron or Styx, for a fare of one coin obol. Those few mortals who ventured into Hades were also required to pay a toll to the ferryman.

However, Charon barred Orpheus from entering the Underworld a second time. In The Aeneid, Charon wanted to refuse passage for the hero Aeneas and the prophetess Sibyl, until she revealed the sacred Golden Bough. The oath sworn by the name of Styx was the most sacred of oaths to the gods.

The Underworld was divided into two or more main regions. Erebus was the upper region, while Tartarus was the lowest region, where most of the Titans were imprisoned. There were three minor gods in the Underworld, who acted as judges and presided over the souls of the dead.

Most mortals who died will find their final resting place in the Plain of Asphodel, which was part of the Erebus region. The shades that dwelled here have no memories of their former lives. The place was gray and gloomy, but the shades who populated this region will experience neither joy, nor sorrow.

Only a few mortals will ever gain entry to the Elysian Fields. The Elysian Fields was also part of the region in Erebus.

See Elysian Fields for more description.When people talk about 'speed' most talk about the absolute physical, straight line speed of a player which is the most obvious of all types of speed and the one that even the part time fan can recognize, however it is not the single most important quality that the higher level players discuss as being a standout quality that separates them from the pack.

Before jumping into a fulltime schedule of youth sports, families should weigh the positive and negative aspects of sports and assess the benefits to their children. it perpetuates the myth.

The trend towards early specialization (to be distinguished from starting early, which, for some sports, such as ice hockey, is important), and an increasingly professionalized approach to youth sports, appears to be driven more by folklore, myths and half-truths, a herd mentality, the ever.

In fact, the human thirst mechanism doesn't even kick in until you have lost about 2 percent of your body weight from sweating; a level where performance decrement begins to become evident. Drink early (before play), every 15 to 20 minutes during play, and at halftime. A Fact Sheet for YOUTH SPORTS PARENTS This sheet has information to help protect your children or teens from concussion or other serious brain injury.

The youth sports myth fact or

The shotgun is designed to throw a group or “pattern” of many small pellets called “shot,” which makes hitting a flying or moving target much more feasible than using a single projectile, as fired by a rifle or pistol.

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