What lies ahead

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What lies ahead

It has become clear that President Bashar al-Assad and his allies have won the war. For its part, the West, persuaded that the Assad camp does not have the means to rehabilitate Syria, is counting on leveraging reconstruction to influence a political transition. On the military front, the offensive in Idlib will be a priority in However, it is necessary for the Syrian army to also finish with the last rebel enclaves around Damascus and the pocket of Rastan.

Daraa province is unlikely to be spared from fighting, despite the de-escalation agreement between Russia and the U. The Syrian army hopes to reopen the highway to Jordan at the Nassib border crossing, which would entail seizing the eastern part of the province, between the Daraa-Damascus road and the Jabal Druze.

As for the western part of the province, between the Daraa-Damascus road and the Golan, the situation is more or less frozen due to a Russian-American agreement in which Vladimir Putin guaranteed that Hezbollah and Iranian forces would not approach within 25 miles 40km of the cease-fire line.

It will depend on whether or not the U. Syrian Kurds, therefore, risk being rapidly abandoned by the U. They have no doubt already planned to restore the Arab territories they liberated from ISIS in exchange for autonomy in the Kurdish cantons of Afrin, Kobane and Qamishli.

In this regard, the all-Syria congress expected to be held in Sochi at the end of January is a step toward a settlement of the Syrian conflict outside Geneva. This political process escapes the Westerners who are relying only on the weapon of economics as a last resort to weigh in on the future of Syria.

If the diaspora and the merchant class are ready to invest in the real-estate sector, rebuilding the manufacturing sector may be more difficult as long-term investments are now perceived as very risky.

There are already 7 million refugees 5. The void will leave economic opportunities with regard to the Iranian corridor and for economic integration between Syria, Iraq and Iran with Lebanon possible added. The Syrian people are used to modest living conditions, and the government has long pushed for self-reliance.

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From now on, economic decisions will be made according to political considerations, even if that slows progress. The regime came out strengthened by this show of force.

It will certainly have to co-opt the new warlords, make room for tribal elites and Kurds, which is likely to force a de facto decentralization of the peripheries.Jun 16,  · Small video of "what lies ahead" from Semblant with lyrics and in normal speed and good sound quality.

enjoy All credits goes to Semblant.

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GREEN BAY – One week at a time is a cliché for a reason, because it’s the only tried-and-true way to go about the business of the NFL. But the Packers aren’t ignorant of what lies ahead for. What Lies Ahead Thriller | 31 December (USA) When two young women embark on a road trip from Georgia to New York, an unseen peril emerges that grows stronger with each passing mile.

Rising fuel prices: What lies ahead? - The Hindu The group decides to stop to get fuel and supplies from the vehicles but out of the blue, a pack of walkers come in their direction. Dale stays in the top of the truck and the others hide below the cars.

"What Lies Ahead" is the first episode of Season 2 of AMC's The Walking Dead. It originally aired with a 90 minute premiere on AMC at 9/8c on October 16, After narrowly escaping from the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Rick Grimes and the rest of the group decide to leave the.

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What lies ahead
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